October 25, 2008

European qualifiers 4

Right. If Murdoch had beaten Brewster this afternoon, then it would have been all over, and it would have been Team Murdoch that would have been going to Sweden for the Europeans. Tom Brewster, Duncan Fernie, Ron Brewster and Colin Campbell were set to make that scenario as difficult as possible for Murdoch.

Tied 2-2 after four, the fifth end was a feast of freezes behind front cover. A Murdoch attempt to clear things up left a Brewster shot in place and Tom converted that to a pair with his last stone draw, to go 4-2 in front. Tom forced David to take a single in the sixth, and now had the advantage.

Nose in front, difficult to catch, as it turned out. Murdoch had a tap back for a two in the eighth, missed it, and gave up a single against the head to go down 7-3 and it really was all over, although they played through to the tenth.

Brewster's team play Warwick Smith tonight.

Edith Loudon's team jumped out in front of Kelly Wood's side early in their third game. It looked to me that Kelly's last stone draw in the third was overswept by the team as she attempted to draw the four foot with three lying against her. As the stone slipped too far, that was three given up against the head and Loudon was leading 5-0.

Kelly was forced to play a hit and flop in the sixth with four Loudon stones against her, and she made it to count a single. But the Wood side still trailed 6-2. There was no way back for them and the teams shook hands after seven, Loudon 10-2 ahead.

The women play again tomorrow morning.

Find all the linescores here.

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