October 25, 2008

Saturday's gallery from Perth

This being a family blog I'm hesitant to suggest what Tom Brewster seems to be about to do to David Murdoch! But captions are welcome.

Peter Smith passes a healing hand over a difficult situation.

I had to quash an overwhelming urge to turn the jukebox on during the lone game on the ice tonight!

Tom Brewster was just a photographer's dream today! Here he is chewing the back of Duncan Fernie's jacket on their way to beating David Murdoch earlier.

Katie and Claire work on Mairi's stone, as Edith calls line.

Yes, I hope you are impressed by the Ed's artistic composition of this shot of Kelly Wood.

Most fans have been admiring Team Murdoch's bright new uniforms. You need the body to carry them off though, and one wag did wonder if they had been sprayed on! Much better than black! They definitely get full marks from the Editor of Colourful Curling Today.

Today's caption competition is this pic of coach Brian Binnie with the Edith Loudon team at a timeout immediately before Edith last stone of the game.

Pics by Bob.

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