October 19, 2008

A photographic puzzle for a Sunday

Right, I want you to study the two photos above and find the connection between them. One was taken yesterday, and the other is from last century! And while you are doing that, here are half a dozen of the best to give a flavour of the Dunvegan Junior Trophy competitions that are taking place this weekend at the Murrayfield rink:

I hope I have this correct - Clare Lang and Zoe Bain sweeping Mairi Girvan's stone, for their skip Mhairi Baird who's in the house.

Ian Copland

Kerr Drummond and Paul Russell

Gayle Allan

Jay McWilliam and Gregory Gardiner

Mhairi Anderson. We like the eyes!

So, have you worked out the connection? The grainy black and white photo from the Scottish Curler archive was taken at Stranraer in April 1976 and shows the winners of the Dalrymple Cup - better known then as the Mediterranean Cruise competition, part sponsored by travel agents AT Mays and airline British Caledonian. L-R: Vivian Adam, Graeme Adam, Hew Chalmers and Catherine Brown. The young curler in the second photo is Jennifer Dodds, competing in the Dunvegan Trophy yesterday.

Not worked it out? Catherine Brown got married, became Catherine Dodds and is Jennifer's mum. And as well as that she is the organiser of the events this weekend at Murrayfield.

I don't remember what prize the Graeme Adam team won way back in 1976, but I do know that the runners-up enjoyed a fabulous week lying in the sun on the island of Ibiza! These were BIG prizes in these days, thanks to the efforts of the McMillan family and the rink at the North West Castle in Stranraer.

I guess I could ask Graeme today as I note he's through to the quarterfinals of the Lockerbie Mini Tour (he's skipping the Allan MacLennan team, see results here).

All pics bar the old one are by Bob.

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