October 20, 2008

Weekend wrap

Firstly an apology. There was just so much happening at the weekend that we forgot something. Not that Eve Muirhead, Anna Sloan, Vicki Adams and Sarah Macintyre are easy to forget, as the top rated junior women's team in the country. But the fact that they were competing in the Southwestern Ontario Women's Charity Cashspiel in London had dropped off the Editor's radar. A great experience for this young team. However, it does show that the Curling Today team needs its own spotters (probably could do with a full support team, including the physio and definitely a psychologist, but that's for another time).

So, a plea. If you think there's anything that should be getting a mention in the blog (and of course the Scottish Curler) don't hesitate to give us the heads up. Contact details are here, and the contact form is now working.

So how did Eve's team fare? They played four games, beating the USA's Debbie McCormick but losing to three local Ontario sides. They have further challenge matches scheduled before flying home.

Elsewhere in North America, Alan Smith, Neil McArthur, David Reid and Mark Fraser won through the C Road to the quarterfinals of the St Paul Cashspiel, a thirty-two team triple knockout. Last night they beat Craig Disher's team to make it to the semis. That game is today (Monday). Find out how they get on from this website.

At Murrayfield the Dunvegan Trophy Junior events were won by the Hannah Fleming, and Jay McWilliam teams.

And to brighten a Monday, here are a few more snaps from the Lockerbie mini tours:

Wild women at Lockerbie (Megan Priestley and Linsey Spence sweep Kay Adams' stone in the final)

Graeme Adam

Mini tour runner-up Gillian Howard. Don't imagine she's getting used to being the bridesmaid.

Kerry Barr has just said to Laura Kirkpatrick, "Have you heard the one about ....?"

Runner-up skip in the men's mini tour Jamie Dick

Andrew Reed English Lion.. growl, growl.


Kay Adams watches the line, with Lauren Gray and Claire Hamilton behind.

David Edwards gave up a four to Graeme Adam's senior champs in the quarterfinals, and were on the early bus home.

Team Jennifer Morrison at work

Three wise men: Don Frame, Fraser Hare, Duncan Gracie. Definite caption material!

Claire MacDonald

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