October 04, 2008

Hamilton Mini Tour

Youth v Experience. I like the way the mini tour events bring together an assortment of teams, both young and old. Graeme Adam's Scottish Senior Champs were up against Gregory Gardiner's young side, the winners of the Greenacres Junior Masters recently. This was a victory for the oldies on this occasion.

Too much black for me. Thank goodness the stones are colourful. Look carefully, they are new to the rink this season, and were providing lots of swing in the games I saw yesterday evening on the Lanarkshire ice.

At least the girls were colourful: Sarah Reid's team at work.

Lockhart Steele and Keith MacLennan. Caption required!

Ian Copland. See how new the stones are!

Identity concealed in case the 'ice police' notice.

Lauren Gray and Caitlin Barr encourage Rhiann Macleod. Who needs two sweepers when one will do?

Photos by Bob. Follow the results here.


Jim said...

I'm sure I heard Lockhart say something about "That being a funny place to keep the stopwatch"

Mad1 said...

Lockhart eventually agrees Keith's bum does look big in this!!!!!!!??