October 01, 2008

October's Scottish Curler magazine

October 1, and the first Scottish Curler magazine of the new season has been published and is on its way to subscribers. On a technical note, it is the first not to be printed at Dunfermline since the current publishers (now Clyde and Forth Press) took over the title in 1985. The colour printing press there having been retired, the new magazine was printed by a Wolverhampton company - and a good job they have done too.

On the cover is Euan Byers, a choice that is sure to please the Front End Union! Inside, there's lots to read... as always the Editor looks forward to getting your feedback on the content!

1 comment:

Disappointed said...

It's sad that a Scottish company can't even manage to economically print the Scottish Curler. It's getting to the stage that one wonders what the hell can we do as a country?

It looks more and more that the answer is "Not a lot"

Rant over