October 25, 2008

European qualifiers 5

Saturday night. One game in a large ice rink, with everything to play for.

Tom Brewster, Duncan Fernie, Ron Brewster, Colin Campbell v Warwick Smith, Craig Wilson, David Smith, Ross Hepburn.

You can find the linescore here. It was 3-3 after six ends, and the game was on. Or it should have been. It all seemed to this observer to be cautious, nervous even. Warwick blanked seven, then when Fernie missed a key takeout, he scored his two.

Two ends to go and Brewster trailed 5-3. End nine saw another Fernie miss - a hit and run when he needed to stay - and Brewster's chance of a two evaporated.

And so it was into the tenth, with Warwick 5-3 up, and Brewster with the hammer. There were stones in play but accurate hitting from the Smith team made it a difficult job for Brewster to get the pair he needed to tie the game. Smith split the house with his last draw, and Tom had a near impossible cross the house double to salvage the game. But it was not a night for the impossible.

Brewster 2 wins, 2 losses
Murdoch 2 wins, 1 loss
Smith 1 win, 2 losses

If Murdoch wins tomorrow morning against Smith, it's all over. If Smith beats Murdoch, we will be back where we started with all teams on the same record!

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