October 10, 2008

Curling photography

I know that the most looked at bit of the Scottish Curler magazine each month is.... the pictures! So, if you like curling photos from the Scottish Curler team, here are three links you should know about.

1. Photos of competition winners can be found here. As competitions come and go this season the 2008-09 Winners gallery will be (regularly) updated.

2. The one hundred or so very best curling pics taken by Richard Gray, by Hugh Stewart and by me, from the past few years, are here. This is a somewhat arbitrary selection. The choice has been made because I like them! Some are new - the galleries were updated on October 1 for a new season - and some are old favourites. (When you open a gallery, click on any photo and then use the next button to page through all the photos in that gallery. You don't need to open the photos individually from the thumbnails.)

3. For a limited time only, ALL the photos that have appeared on the Curling Today blog in its first year can be looked at here. The three galleries here are unsorted and uncaptioned. If you just want a reminder of what happened last season, without any of the stories or captions, you might find it fun to run the slideshows!


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