October 18, 2008

Friday evening at Lockerbie

Lee McLeary's team reached the semifinals at the Hamilton mini tour and began with a win last night at Lockerbie.

I don't know why everyone thought I would like David Edwards' team new uniforms! L-R: Graham Sloan, Gavin Fleming and Moray Combe. Find all the results from last night here.

Survivors of Vierumaki. Graeme Adam skipped the Scottish team at the World Seniors in Finland where Dillan Perras was our rep in the World Mixed Doubles.

Martin Sutherland insists it was his best friend that gave him the black eye! Really?

Royal Club President Matt Murdoch has been roped in to play for Colin Hamilton this weekend. Here he is with Trevor Dodds watching Hammy McMillan's front end, Sandy Gilmour and Ross Paterson. Captions required!

Ken Horton

Keith MacLennan skipped his team to the win in the first mini tour event at Hamilton. Can he repeat at Lockerbie?

Jamie Dick's junior side was up against John Summers' seniors.

RCCC Competitions' Manager Colin Hamilton

An English side skipped by Andrew Reed are in the mix this weekend.

Pics by Bob.


Anonymous said...

It looks more like the rear ends that Matt and Trevor are watching!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a Dons fan like Moray wearing orange and black!