October 29, 2008

European Seniors at Greenacres

The Greenacres curling rink in Renfrewshire was the place to be yesterday, the first European Senior Mixed Invitation Championships well underway. Doesn't look as if Alan Guthrie was having the happiest day at the office as he watches Jim Beckett's stone in a Sco v Swe match.

Organiser Malcolm Richardson. Actually - look at his jumper - Malcolm was playing for the Welsh team yesterday. In the past he has also represented both England and Scotland internationally. Is this a record? Stop Press: The Welsh have agreed to a transfer request and the ECF President will be competing for Andorra next month.

She's been on the blog before, Ireland's Marie O'Kane.

Captions needed for this one. Archie Craig is saying to his skip Lockhart Steele, "I've been practising... this is the Vulcan salute." Or, "The RCCC is really up against the wall on the Vernon issue." Or is Lockhart saying, "What do you think I should call this little white rat I've found?"

Former World Champion Kristian Soerum and his Norwegian team.

There is absolutely no way Marion Craig can possibly be old enough to be taking part in this competition for over-50s, and this pic shows.

Sweden's Goran Roxin.

John MacDougall in full colour! Or, how to make the Editor happy!

Scottish Senior Champion Kirsty Letton.

Strictly Come Curling - an Icelandic contra check-natural fleckerl.

Hungary's skip, Andras Rokusfalvy.

Good to see the organiser of last week's Kinross International Wheelchair Curling event, Ena Stevenson, enjoying herself - or is she - at Greenacres. Note the stylish, elegant, colourful tops the Mary Barr team were wearing. They get the Scottish Curler five handle approval rating! Ditch the drab, bring back colour to curling!

The Polish team, complete with their new signing Donald Macrae, in their match against Estonia.

RCCC Ladies' Branch Vice-president Kay Gibb.

Colin Hamilton has teamed up with Gary Macfarlane for this season's Scottish Seniors. Here he is explaining options to Gary in their game against Hungary yesterday, Gary listening attentively!

Pics by Bob. Scores and standings are here. My next report after Saturday's final games. See other photos from the event here.


Anonymous said...


Captions needed for this one. Archie Craig is saying to his skip Lockhart Steele, " I agree with modenising the game Lockhart but how am I going to make an intern on this ice?"

Anonymous said...

why is colin hamilton describing, with hand actions, the curvatures of the hungarian skip's arse?