October 24, 2008

European qualifiers 1

It was first blood to Murdoch as the European Qualifying Competition got underway this afternoon at the Dewars Rinks in Perth. The only game on the ice was the David Murdoch v Tom Brewster match, and it was an intriguing encounter.

The teams swapped threes in the first two ends! Murdoch, Ewan MacDonald, Peter Smith and Euan Byers took another three in the third. They looked confident and were playing well.

Brewster with his new third for this season in Duncan Fernie, and his long standing front end Ron Brewster and Colin Campbell, were up against it again in the fourth. Tom went to play his last with four Murdoch stones lying against him. He could only outcount three of these, and gave up a single to go 7-3 down.

Most felt it might be all over then, and so it turned out. The sides swapped twos, but when Tom was too heavy with Murdoch stones in the house against him in the seventh, the teams shook hands, the score at 11-5.

Find the linescores and standings on the Royal Club website here.

Above: Tom Brewster and David Murdoch. Pic by Bob. More photos after this evening's games.

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