October 02, 2008

Breaking news!


It is wrong to laugh at the misfortunes of others, so I want to express my sympathies to Gordon Muirhead (left) on his recent accident which has left him unable to curl, or even drive, probably for the next six weeks.

Gordie was due to be playing for Tom Brewster in the Basel Swiss Cup this weekend (see here). But he was unable to travel to Switzerland, and Richard Woods was recruited at the last moment to play in his stead. The reason is shown above.

I did think at first it was a cock and bull story, or even a rather clever stunt about the team's new Red Bull sponsorship, but no. Gordie, a part time cowboy, suffered serious injury when a bull kicked a gate into his hand, breaking his right thumb. Ouch!

He is now plastered....... almost to his elbow!

Gordon is coach to son Glen's National Academy team.

I remember breaking my thumb when I was a schoolboy. Actually I don't remember the pain, or the wait at the hospital, or the treatment. I do remember the embarrassment of being unable to operate the zip fly on my trousers! Don't worry Gordie, I'm sure your fellow curlers will be on hand to help you if you need any assistance when you are allowed out. Get well soon!

And how was the bull, I can hear you asking? As far as I know he is feeling better, having vented his ire on Gordie.

Gordie's family, Lin, Glen, Eve and Thomas, have decided to capitalise on the publicity by investing in a 'bull ride' for their guesthouse in Blair Atholl (see here). Curling Today is convinced this will be an asset to the community. Such accessories are available from Tim's Toyz of Wisconsin, does anyone have the UK franchise yet? Please note the blonde is not included in the ride hire!

Curling Today is often accused of writing a lot of bull****, so it was nice to be able to pen this one. Thanks Gordie, and to the undercover reporters who passed on the secret! More bull jokes here and here and here and .......


Anonymous said...

Seems Bob has been on the Sauce today. Or was it a drink advised by a Kitzy barman that hit the head!

Bob Cowan said...

Probably just need to tailor the medication a little!