October 30, 2008

Scots in Ottawa Valley Junior Superspiel

Claire Hamilton, Lauren Gray, Rhiann Macleod and Caitlin Barr have their first game at 9am local time Friday, in the John Shea Insurance Ottawa Valley Curling Association Junior Superspiel. The Scots play Sara Westman's Ontario team in the first round of the sixteen team triple knockout competition at the Otttawa Hunt and Golf Club. Follow progress here.

Kerr Drummond, James Dunn, Thomas Pendreigh and Blair Fraser are in the sixteen team triple KO junior men's event, and are on the ice early too against Graham Rathwell's local side, at the RCN Curling Club. Follow the Drummond rink's results here.

A feature of the event is that the games are played in a number of different rinks in the Ottawa Valley area. Check the others out here.

Claire Hamilton and Kerr Drummond photos by Bob.

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