October 21, 2008

A new Royal Club voice

Now you may not recognise the face in this photo on the left, but it is someone who has worked tirelessly for twenty years and more to make sure that curling gets space in the major newspapers in this country. This is Mike Haggerty.

Mike is not a curler, although he has been known to throw the odd stone or two! Mike’s own sport is rowing. Mike, a PR professional, has worked over a long number of years to build an association with the major newspapers in order to be granted space for reports on rowing and for his adopted sport of curling. He is also well known by the editorial staff on these papers. He may not command the same space as football, rugby or golf writers but he does get coverage. Over the years he has worked on site at European and World Championships as well as Winter Olympics. And he is the President of the World Curling Media Association!

Why does he get a mention on Curling Today? Well, the Royal Club has commissioned Mike to cover the major National and International events for the rest of this season. I am pleased. We will all be able to go on to the RCCC website, not just to find out results, but to read reports on the competitions, professionally written. It will certainly be for the benefit of our sport.

See Mike's first post - a preview of this weekend's European Qualifying Competition - here. The draw may be found here.

Mike hard at work on the media bench at the European Championships in Fussen last year. Pic by Bob.

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Mike Haggerty said...

Thanks to Bob for his kind words, and I hope to live up to his expectations this season!

It is important for me to note publicly that, when I first arrived on the scene (via the sponsorship of the national teams by Teacher's Whisky) that Bob was something of a mentor to me (as was Richard Harding), so thanks to him for all his help and companionship over the years.

Mike Haggerty