December 13, 2007

Peja Lindholm to retire is the 'sad news' from Sweden

One of the most colourful characters on the international curling scene, Sweden's Peja Lindholm, has decided to retire from competitive curling. Lindholm, a three times world champion, had put together a new team after the last Olympics. But a disappointing sixth-place finish, in his view, at the recent European Championships seems to have prompted his decision to give up now.

Swedish Curling Association Secretary Hakan Sundstrom confirmed the 'sad news'. It seems that Lindholm has said that there is too little time to develop his team into a successful Olympic team for Vancouver 2010.

Lindholm is also reported as saying that he has "lost his joy of competitive curling."

According to Sundstrom, Lindholm's teammates James Dryburgh, Viktor Kjäll and Anders Eriksson will take some time to try to find a qualified curler for their team or decide if they too will quit.

The photo of Peja is by Bob Cowan. Another photo of Peja is here.

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