December 06, 2007

Fussen Reports 17: This for a tiebreak

David Murdoch's team had to win this morning's game to be in with a chance of a tie break for a playoff spot. They played Finland who had won only two games.

Scotland roared into the lead scoring four shots in the first three ends. And they didn't look back from there, Finland could score only a single shot in end five. Scotland stole a one in end seven for a five shot lead. Finland got one in the eighth and conceded, game to Scotland 6/2.

Norway, undefeated in nine games, finished in top spot, Denmark in second place, Switzerland in third.

Scotland, Germany and Sweden were tied on five wins so faced tie breaks. Scotland topped the draw shot challenge so Sweden and Germany play this afternoon, the winner will play Scotland tonight, the playoff games scheduled for tonight have been postponed till tomorrow morning.


Curling Fan said...

>> Scotland topped the draw shot challenge <<

Could you explain that rule. It's something like tie-breaker before tie-breaker or ... ?

Bob Cowan said...

After the practice sessions, all four members of a team play one stone. The distance each stone is from the centre of the circles is added together to give that team's draw shot challenge score - the lower the better. This comes into play only in deciding rankings if this is needed later in the tournament.

A table is published with this information for all to see.

Hope that helps. Bob