December 29, 2007

Dick wins Atholl U-17 event

Colin Dick, Anna Sloan, Lauren Gray and Struan Wood won the Atholl U-17 event, sponsored by Ventrolla Tayside. Colin and his team beat Thomas Sloan, Blair Fraser, Scott Fraser and Jamie Fraser 5-1 in the final of the fourth RCCC Slam of the season, at the Pitlochry rink December 28-29.

In the Low Road final, Alan Inch, Kyle Waddell, Andrew Ballantyne and Craig Waddell beat David Miller, Gary Cannell, Fraser Davidson and Grant Richmond.

Today's special mention goes to the young team from Forfar, skipped by thirteen year old Duncan Menzies with David Jenkins, Alistair Stewart and Angus Dowell, for finishing third in the Low Road. It's what these U-17 events are all about - to give an opportunity for our young teams to gain competition experience. Great to see.

Top: L-R Struan Wood (lead), Colin Dick (skip), Anna Sloan (3rd) and Lauren Gray (2nd).
Above: The Menzies team in action.
Photos by Bob.


Anonymous said...

colin dick should not have won he wasn't originally in the draw and he wasn't even first reserve

Anonymous said...

Had teams not pulled out he would not have played.
However he was brought in to play and did so better than the teams he played. We cannot ask anymore of him and his team.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem that the first poster has is that, there were claims that other teams were in the queue before Colin, but did not get in but he did.

But he did pull out the win, so fair dues to him.

Anonymous said...

Well...the first poster is wrong. I overheard Colin being asked to play by Colin Hamilton at Hamilton, and then also subsequently I found that he had not made it into a draw but was first reserve above Billy Morton's team I believe. So basically...well done Colin and his team.

Anonymous said...

its not colin and his teams fault that he was asked to play before any other team,and as the fourth poster correctly pointed out,colins team was first reserve.I dont think you can fault colin and his team by saying they shouldn't have won, they got into the competition and what did you expect them to do?play and try not to win?now that would just be stupid!