December 04, 2007

Fussen pics 11: Curling politics

The European Curling Federation held their AGM today in Fussen. The Scottish Curler was there to observe.

Champery, Switzerland, will host the 2010 European Championships

Scotland has one vote on the ECF, but we were well represented at the ECF AGM. L-R: Colin Grahamslaw (who updated the meeting on Aberdeen 2009), RCCC Pres Tommy Hinnigan and Hew Chalmers.

David Nedohin gave a presentation about CurlTV's efforts to reach a wider audience.

And after a meeting lasting more than three hours (I had lost the will to live by this point) Helena Lingham from the organising committee of next year's Euros in Sweden (whose new website has just been launched, see it here) dispensed a small reward for those who had lasted the course.

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