December 03, 2007

Fussen Reports 9: Another win

Scotland's men's team were on the way up the table today, the win against Sweden put them back on track after a couple of bad games. In round five they met France.

France can be a very hard team to beat but this was different, Scotland led by five shots after five ends, France had yet to score. But tLinkhe French came back with two in end six and again in the eighth. Scotland still led by two shots.

The ninth was the crucial end, Scotland lay well when French skip Thomas Dufour made a good draw. But David Murdoch could get to it, he played the hit, removed the French stone to lie two shots. France conceded on a score of 8/4 in Scotland's favour.

Scotland's men's team is now on a record of three wins, two losses, there is still work to do. Tomorrow they meet Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

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