December 03, 2007

Fussen pics 12: Out and about

The Euro Championships are a serious affair....... well, on the ice anyway. Off the ice it is a different story.

Chief Umpire Leslie Ingram-Brown struggles to read the words when it comes to his turn at the karaoke

Did I mention that the Hungarian ladies' team was playing?

A penny for them, Colin? (RCCC CEO Colin Grahamslaw)

Ladies' Branch Sheila Miller and Sadie Anderson conduct themselves demurely as RCCC past president Alistair McCabe leads the choir

Karen Addison makes a wee brew on the coaches' bench. "Milk, no sugar, in mine," says coach Hew Chalmers.

Now, a Question of Sport. What happened next? Was it: 1) The arena staff failed to rescue Joan Reed who had fallen through the ice? 2) The players could not find the penny Kirsty Balfour had dropped? 3) The ice men went to buy a bucket? Answer below.

Actually, none of these. The cunning and inventive arena staff rigged up a little canopy to catch the odd drip falling onto the ice. The bucket option was considered apparently, but was discarded because the umpires could not agree on whose job it should be to lift the bucket if it was in the way of a running stone.

World Curling Media Association President Mike Haggerty hard at work writing the (serious) reports of the event for the Royal Club website. Find them here.

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