December 08, 2007

Fussen Reports 23: It's GOLD - What a game!

Scotland met Norway in the final at the Le Gruyere European Curling Championships, Norway skipped by Thomas Ulsrud had come through the round robin and the playoff without a loss, a remarkable record winning 10 games in a row.

Scotland had faced a tie break and a playoff to be in this game.

David Murdoch and his team, Graeme Connal, Peter Smith and Euan Byers came out fighting, they wanted to win this game. They out played Norway in the early ends playing to score at least with last stone advantage. Two in the sixth and a single steal in the seventh gave them a lead of three shots.

Norway blanked the ninth but had to take one in the ninth, they were two shots adrift, Scotland ran them out of stones in the last end.

A great game with fabulous shot making, definitely one to remember for a long time.

Photo of the champions by Richard Gray. Report by Christine Stewart.

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