December 14, 2007

The curler in the stamp

One of the many interests I have in connection with this sport of ours is postal history - curling in stamps, cancels/postmarks, first day covers, and assorted postal ephemera. The attractive stamp above was produced to mark the last Olympics by the Czech Republic.

I discovered yesterday who the figure depicted in the stamp is! The young man in the stamp is Krystof Chaloupek (below), just one of a group of Prague juniors who were photographed by the stamp's designer some years back when seeking inspiration for the stamp's design.

And what relevance is this to anything?

Krystof is in Scotland this weekend, with his team, to play in the Lockerbie Junior competition which begins today. Two Czech teams, one from Sweden and one from the Netherlands provide the opposition for Scotland's top junior sides.

Photo by Bob.

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