December 05, 2007

Fussen Reports 16: Into the playoffs

Scotland's women's team had to win this game against Switzerland to be sure of a place in the playoffs, if they lost and Russia won they would face a tie break.

Once again Karen Addison played at lead.

This was a really tight game, the teams matching each other score for score tied at four all after eight ends.

Scotland grabbed the lead scoring two in the ninth end, now they had to stop Switzerland scoring at least two in the final end.

They were lying well, with the front wide open, with her first stone Kelly Wood went for a hit but didn't get rid of the Swiss stone almost frozen on a Scottish. The Swiss had a chance for two, but skip Miriam Ott's first stone rolled out of the house, Kelly Wood removed the remaining Swiss stone, Switzerland had run out of stones and Scotland had won the game.

Denmark finished top of the table, they play Sweden in the one/two game, Switzerland and Scotland will met again in the three/four playoff.

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