December 04, 2007

Fussen Reports 11: A bad game

In round seven of the Le Gruyere European Championships in Fussen, Germany, Kelly Wood and her team came up against the 2006 champions, Russia. Scotland had a record of four wins and two losses, Russia one win behind. Both needed a win here to keep in touch with the leaders.

Scotland started well putting four shots on the board in the opening ends. They gave up one in end four, then it all fell apart, Russia got a single against the head in end five. But the sixth was the crucial end, facing four Russian counters Kelly Wood was short with her draw.

It got worse, Scotland gave up another three shots in the next two ends. They manufactured a two score in end nine but still trailed by three. Russia ran them out of stones in the final end, Russia took the game 9/6.

Scotland must win their next two games against Austria and Switzerland to have any chance of making the playoffs.

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