December 05, 2007

Fussen pics 13: More politics

The WCF meeting this morning was everything that the ECF meeting yesterday was not. Lots of info, but the biggest surprise was that Leslie Ingram-Brown is to receive the World Curling Freytag Award. This is given for contributions to the development and promotion of world curling. Leslie receives the award in the category of 'builder'! Find his photo here and here. Also of interest is that the World Seniors is going to New Zealand in 2009, and that Belarus, Israel and Ukraine have been expelled from the WCF for non payment of dues. Above is WCF President Les Harrison and VP Kate Caithness.

The WCF may soon hire a marketing company to find more sponsors like Le Gruyere AOC, who (never mind the curling) make great cheese!

The Royal Club had a wee reception for curling representatives from around the world, several of whom received decorations as 'curling ambassadors'. Not sure where the guy in the middle does his curling.

CEO Colin Grahamslaw has skills none of us knew about. Barman Colin dispensed the (RCCC sponsor) Liqueur Centre's products with panache, but here struggles with the champagne. "You twist the bottle?" he asks.

Meant to say, alternate Karen Addison got a game this morning, replacing Lindsay Wood for the Austrian match. This photo by Richard Gray, the others are Bob's.

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