December 03, 2007

Fussen Reports 7: Well played

Scotland's men's team needed to start winning games to stay in the hunt at the Le Gruyere European Curling Championships in Fussen, Germany, they had just one win from three games.

Monday morning's game put them against Sweden on two wins from three games. The Swedes skipped by Peja Lindholm with James Dryburgh at three is always a hard team to beat.

David Murdoch's team set the game up in end two, a freeze and a tap back from David gave them three shots and a lead of two. End three helped the cause, Lindholm was wide with his last stone, Scotland stole a single. That set them up for the rest of the game.

In the eighth end Scotland lay three but did not have last stone, Lindholm tried a raised takeout, he ticked the stone he wanted to raise leaving Scotland with a steal of three. Sweden conceded on a score of 8/2 to Scotland.

For full results click here.

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