December 05, 2007

Fussen Reports 15: Oops

First my apologies, Karen Addison was in for Lindsay Wood this morning, what can I say? it's been a long week.

Now to the men's eighth game, on four wins the last two games are very important. In this one they played Norway, undefeated after seven games.

The Scots played a great game, two up after five and again after eight. Norway got two in the ninth to tie the score. Scotland had last stone for the final end. They kept everything clear, Norway lay one shot on the edge of the back twelve foot, there were no other stones in play.

David Murdoch had a draw with his last stone for game. The sweepers were on it right away but couldn't take it far enough, Norway won 7/6.

With one game to go Norway lead on eight wins, Denmark and Switzerland are tied on six, Germany, Scotland and Sweden tied on four.

It's looking like tie breakers.

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