February 17, 2009

Tuesday at Perth

This is how the standings were before this morning's games in the Columba Cream Scottish Ladies Championship. You can find the linescores and results here, and stats here.

Cream of Curling, Eve Muirhead!

Katie Loudon, Mairi Milne, Lynn Cameron. The Milne team are right back into it with a win over the Muirhead team this morning.

Just to prove that black is occasionally allowed on the blog, this is Rhiann Macleod.

There were some new faces on the ice this morning. Sarah Reid's team were missing two players, on international duty elsewhere, so Kerry Barr moved up to skip the team and it was good to see Jacqui Byers competing again.

Gail Munro and Kerry Barr

Gail angled the red on to the yellow to count a four and ensure her win this morning.

Former World Champion Katriona Fairweather was also recruited to play today for Kerry.

Judith McFarlane had her chances today. A hit on the nose with her last stone would have given her team a win over Kelly Wood. But she was wide, and failed to get shot.

Here's Jude again with Karen Strang and Fiona Steele. Jill MacDonald's in the head.

Kelly Wood

Lindsay Wood, Jackie Lockhart and Lorna Vevers

Here's two more well kent faces, but new here. Claire MacDonald was in place of Lauren Gray in the Claire Hamilton team. Alison Kinghorn was in place of Kay Adams in the Gillian Howard side.

Dor Borthwick is Chief Umpire (second attempt to get her name right!)

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