February 18, 2009

GB medals at EYOF in Poland

Both GB curling teams at the EYOF in Poland are guaranteed to be bringing home medals - the question is which colour? Colin Dick's team finished the round robin with a 4-1 win-loss record, in second place in the standings, and will meet the winners of a tiebreak between the Czech Republic and Norway in the semifinal, the winner will play Switzerland in the final.

There's a report of the boy's game against Poland on the event website here which I think you will enjoy. Just to explain, the 'new player', to which Colin refers is Struan Wood, who got a game when Blair Fraser had to sit out with an injured shoulder. The report says, "Our new player hasn’t anything to do with the old one playing bad, we just gave him a shot. We’re quite confident and not afraid of other teams.”

Anna Sloan's girls are unbeaten with one game to play. If they win this match against Denmark they will be straight to the final and will come home with silver at least!

The scores and standings are here.

There's a photo gallery on the official website here, from where these two pics have been taken (thank you to the organisers for putting them up). The pics in the gallery give a good impression of the rink, and as I've said before I really like the wall bars! The only one that shows anything of the GB teams is below - that looks like Colin Dick in the far distance.

The photo at the top shows the spectators. I recognise a few faces!

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