February 05, 2009

Police presence at Junior Championships

The early stages of the Junior Women's round robin is over. Three teams have been eliminated from the eleven which started out, and we are down to eight. Carrying forward only the points gained against the teams they have played already - and are still in the competition - the position now, with four more round robin games to play, is Eve Muirhead and Hannah Fleming three wins, Claire Hamilton and Claire MacDonald two wins, Jennifer Dodds and Rebecca Steven one win, Jennifer Paul and Jennifer Marshall no wins. The round robin continues tonight at 7.00pm. Find the results here.

And who is Little Miss Sunshine? See below.

Claire MacDonald

Lauren Gray and Claire Hamilton discuss options as their team went down to Hannah Fleming's side this morning.

Hannah Fleming

Kirsten McNay and Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Marshall and Claire MacDonald

Jennifer Marshall, her team now in the top eight.

And here she is - Carolyn Clark

ItalicIn fact all the Helen King team wore their colourful tee shirts this morning, and get the ABB Foundation award today! Here, Carolyn (we like the hair) Clark and Louise MacColl work hard on their skip's stone, with Eilidh Templeton in the house.

And what was that about the police? The British Police Curling Championship is on at the Dewar's Rinks this week. Here Neil Fyfe follows his stone with Trevor Harrison and Gordon McKnight in attendance. Dave Murchie is in the house for the Dumfries and Galloway side.

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