February 04, 2009

Here come the girls

Here we are at Perth and the girls are in the third game of the Scottish Junior Championship finals. Naomi Whyte and Fiona Telfer discuss options. The young Dumfries team seem to be enjoying their first adventures at the Scottish finals.

Kirsten McNay and Jennifer Martin work on Claire MacDonald's stone, with Emma Craig in the head. You can find all the results and standings here.

Mhairi Baird, with Jennifer Dodds behind.

The joy of coaching! Former Scottish Junior and World Junior Champ David Aitken.

Claire Hamilton - and she could well be, come Sunday!

Kimberley Smith and Mhairi Anderson sweep Jennifer Dodds' stone.
And here is Jennifer.

Alan Stanfield is the Chief Umpire.

First outing in the big time for the Jennifer Paul team. Here third Katy Richardson joins the front end Rachel Hannen and Hazel Smith on Jennifer's stone.

Now, I promised to explain how the eleven teams are going to end up as three for Sunday's semi and final. There are two sections of six and five. After the round robin, the top four teams in each will play in a further section of eight. Each team will have already played three of these teams, and their record against these teams is carried forward. After four more games, against the four teams that had started out in the different section, the top ranked team progresses straight to the final; second and third contest a semi. Let me know if that still doesn't make sense.


Anonymous said...

what happened to the trevanator coaching?!

Anonymous said...

he was probably upstairs doing the usual hokey cokey