February 16, 2009

EYOF girls post first win

Anna Sloan and her GB team (see here) have won their first game in Poland, beating Anna Siderova's Russian side 8-4. (Siderova competed at the Glynhill Ladies International last month, her photo is here)

You can follow the results from the other round robin games this week on curlinglive.com. Thanks to those behind the site there for posting the end by end linescores live. Much appreciated. Now, if they could just archive the linescores as well as the final scores! Please. (Note that it says on the site, "We're still in development stage, site exclusively for this event." There's no email contact.)

Above L-R: Hannah Fleming, Lauren Gray, Anna Sloan, Becca Kesley and Alice Spence. Photo by Hugh Stewart.


A. said...

I believe the webmaster of curlinglive.com is working on it at the moment :)

Anonymous said...

sure about that ? i heard that he's so lazy... :P

yep, i'm on in.