February 08, 2009

More Perth pics

Someone had to be first into the cheap seats! Jane Barr, Caitlin's mum. And here are more photos from Sunday, in no particular order.

This from the semifinal. Kerr Drummond had lost his voice by this time. His team have had a hard loss to thole, but we'll see more of these young curlers in the future.

Caitlin Barr looking worried in the semifinal.

The seating filled up later. I'll leave you to work out who this lot were supporting!

Becca Kesley sets out on a delivery with Abi Brown and Alice Spence in attendance.

Anna Sloan

Abi and Alice work on Hannah Fleming's stone.

Steven Mitchell doing the work to the encouragement of Ally Fraser and Graeme Black.

Coach Allan Hannah in a timeout with Graeme Black and team.

Sunday bling. Rhiann Macleod.

Thomas Sloan, Graeme Black, Steven Mitchell.

Graeme Black and Jamie Dick

Ally Fraser and Colin Dick ready to sweep Jamie's stone.

Jamie and Graeme

Lindsay Gray

Sarah Macintyre and Vicki Adams at work.

Eve Muirhead with Sarah and Vicki in attendance.

Hannah and Eve

Thomas Pendreigh, Blair Fraser, James Dunn

Claire Hamilton

Pics by Bob

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