February 08, 2009

The Junior Finals

Jamie Dick, Colin Dick, Lindsay Gray and Michael Goodfellow were the favourites going into the final against Graeme Black and his team, who had had little time to recover after their comeback win against Blair Fraser's side this morning.

But Graeme with Ally Fraser, Steven Mitchell (sorry Steve for previous typo) and Thomas Sloan were on a roll. They took a four at the third, and in the fourth stole a two. Jamie had come up just short with a draw against two, and without waiting to confirm that his team had lost a single, Colin Dick kicked his team's stone away, and so it was a two that went on to the board. Black was 6-2 ahead. He stole again in the fifth.

Jamie and his team fought on valiantly. A superb split in the ninth saw the Edinburgh medical student get two back, to trail by just two, 8-6, going in to the last end. It was too little, too late. Graeme's team played it well in the tenth, keeping the front open, and with last stone had an open hit for the championship title. He was right on target.

Eve Muirhead, Anna Sloan, Vicki Adams and Sarah Macintyre were the favourites in the girls' final. But Hannah Fleming, Becca Kesley, Alice Spence and Abi Brown were more than a match for the reigning champ.... for much of the game. The score was 4-4 after six. Then Eve and her team counted a big three, and they were on their way to Vancouver for the World Juniors. Hannah offered the handshakes after eight.

You can find a synopsis of the games here.

L-R: Sarah Macintyre, Vicky Adams, Anna Sloan and Eve Muirhead

L-R: Graeme Black, Ally Fraser, Steven Mitchell and Thomas Sloan

Pics by Bob


Anonymous said...

any more photos of games action similar to last year

Anonymous said...

get your facts right - its Steven MITCHELL

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Bob for keeping those of us unable to get to Perth up to date.Who ever told you to get your facts right needs to apologize for his or her rudeness!

jeemac said...

Thanks for the updates, the reports and great pictures are appreciated.

I may be a pedant, but I can't work out whether your annonymous critic's discourtesy or bad grammar is more annoying.

Bob Cowan said...

Anonymous is quite right to pull me up for getting Steven Mitchell's name wrong - for goodness sake I know him well enough.

Just the name dyslexia kicking in again, it's happened before! Guess what had been the topic of conversation this lunchtime?

Anyway, more pics are coming. I wanted to get home - through the snow - before processing what I took this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I intended neither any discourtesy nor to be rude in my previous comment regarding Bob's error regarding Steven's name. I am pleased to note Bob's comment and corrections.

And as for the grammar - we're making comments on a blog for goodness' sake.

Also before making comments on grammar, please check your spelling!

Thanks Bob, a good job weel done.