February 15, 2009

Seniors' finals

The two finals went ahead this afternoon, deciding the Scottish Seniors curling titles and who would be representing Scotland at the World Seniors in Dunedin.

It was David Clydesdale against Keith Prentice, for the men's championship. Prentice, Lockhart Steele, Robin Aitken and Tommy Fleming took a three at the fourth and stole a pair at the fifth for a 6-1 lead. It should have been all over, but David Clydesdale, Alistair Wood, Jim Taylor and Douglas Rodger did not think so. They came back strongly with four at the sixth and it was game on. They stole at the seventh to be in a tied game coming home. There were lots of stones around in the eighth, but Clydesdale could not get a shot counting and Prentice did not need to play his last.

Marion Craig was up against Jacqui Crawford for the women's title. This was a friendly game. Marion took a three at the first and promptly gave up four. By the fifth end it was 5-5. Crawford, with Elaine Semple, Pat Ross and Fiona Macfarlane, stole a single in the sixth, Craig took a fine three in the seventh to be two up coming home, without. With her last stone of the eighth Marion had a straightforward takeout for the title... and missed. But she and her team of Rhona Fleming, Catherine Raeburn and Anne Malcolm clinched the title in an extra end.

Marion Craig and Jacqui Crawford

David Clydesdale

Keith Prentice delivers, with Tommy Fleming and Robin Aitken in attendance.

World Champs before, let's hope that Keith and team can keep it up in Dunedin!

Pics by Bob. Presentations later.

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