February 16, 2009

Now for the Grand Masters

Well, that's the Seniors Championships over. What next this week? Well on Friday, February 20, Greenacres is hosting a brand new event, the Grand Masters Bonspiel 2009. Grand Masters? We have Schools, Under-12, U-13, U-15, U-17, Juniors, Seniors, Masters. The Grand Masters is a natural progression for those over 70.

We like the idea. Curling is inclusive of so many groups in our society. There's special competitions for men, women, farmers, teachers, doctors, police, oil workers, postal workers, Rotarians, the media - I even have my name on the Brass Whisk! The top curling students in the World will be competing this week in China.

In my collection of curling memorabilia a treasured newspaper clipping has the headline 'Blackface Breeders Compete'! (Think sheep)

There's wheelchair curling, and the sport is becoming available to the deaf and those who are visually impaired. Left handers even have their own World Championship! There's active gay and lesbian curling leagues in North America.

Blondes, brunettes and redheads all have their own spiels in many countries. No sign yet of an event for bald editors, but the World Curling Federation sent some scouts to Bangkok recently to investigate the suitability of the three rinks in the Thai capital (see here) for the world's first ladyboy curling championship, following the successful day that the touring group (see here, parental advisory) had at Murrayfield during last year's Edinburgh Festival. Now, that would be colourful!

(OK, so some of the above is not true, but curling needs visionaries!)

Sixteen teams have entered for the 2009 Grand Masters, including well known names like Jim Waddell, Bill Watt and (the original) Hammy McMillan. They’ll play in two sections, games will be of six ends and the winner will be determined by games won, ends, shot difference, shots scored.

PS: The Bonspiel is a couple of Grand Masters short, if you know any who would like to take part, please get them to contact the Greenacres rink. Note that the competition is not yet open to Grand Dames (or should that be Grand Mistresses) - something about the reluctance of the organisers to ask any of our ladies their age! Next year perhaps.

But wait. There's something else happening this week. The Bruadar Scottish Men's Championship and the Columba Cream Scottish Ladies' Championship are on at Perth! The men begin this evening (Monday). You can find the draw here. The women are first up Tuesday morning. Results to date are here.

Expect blogging from Perth come Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

So you have been 'clipping' Sheep, Bob!
The Blackface Sheepbreeders have had an annual competition since 1929.7 teams from south of the river Forth play their opposition from the north.A very sociable occasion!

Bob Cowan said...

Please let me know the results from this season. Photo of the winners?

See Curling Today, see educational!