February 25, 2009

Scottish Curler Future

The March 2009 Scottish Curler is now being printed. It contains the following statement:

"The publishers of the Scottish Curler, Clyde and Forth Press, are looking at the options for the future of the magazine and they are discussing these with the Royal Caledonian Curling Club.

After seven years as Editor, Bob Cowan will retire at the end of this season.

There will be further news for readers in the April Scottish Curler with information regarding current and future subscriptions."

The final print issue will be the May edition. Hopefully the title will continue in a different form. The first Scottish Curler was published in January 1954.

There will be a thread on the Scottish Curling Forum for comment and questions. This blog, which exists to support and promote the printed magazine, will be run down over the next few weeks.


TCN said...

Retirement? Sounds like a fun thing. But the sport will miss you, Bob, and the voluminous work you have produced for years.

Well done and sincere congratulations, and thanks, from the colonies.

We'll have more in a salute on our blog shortly...

Anonymous said...

But where will we go for our Scottish curling news? I'm in the States here!

Anonymous said...


curlingtorino said...

Good luck! But we will miss you.

Anonymous said...

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