February 14, 2009

More Saturday Seniors

Playoffs are the order of the day at the Senior Championships at Hamilton! In the women's event Jacqui Crawford's team won their rematch against Annette MacDonald (just - it took an extra end after the four end tiebreaker)) and they are through with Marion Craig from Section B to Sunday's semifinals. So too is Janette Wilson's team, top in Section A. There was a three way tie in this section for second place. Ena Smith had beaten the other two teams and gets a bye, while Kay Gibb and Mary Barr contest a tiebreak. The winner of this plays Smith, again over four ends, for the semifinal place.

Keith Prentice and David Clydesdale are both through to tomorrow in the men's event. The others are still battling away for the other semifinal places. Find all the results, linescores and standings here.

Here is what the camera captured today!

Mary Barr - 'Before'.

Mary Barr - 'After'. Actually she played a good shot, against two. I would not like to show the pic when she plays a bad one!

Kay Gibb v Janice Howard

'Everything was OK until they started to mate!'

Janette Wilson. 'What was that about Pinocchio?'

Ena Stevenson and Wilma Brownlie

International umpire Dor Borthwick shows good style as a competitor.

Team decision making from the Jim Hogg team.

Billy Henderson (right) pretending he's not with teammates Will Davidson-Gall and Greig Henderson!

Gary Macfarlane and Don Rutherford working hard on Gordon Crawford's stone.

David Clydesdale

This is the David Clydesdale team discussing options!

Billy Nairn implementing Section 4 a of the Beginners' Manual. 'Always check to see that the stone is still there.'

Andy McGlynn

Pics by Bob. That's all from today. More tomorrow.

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