February 19, 2009

Men on Thursday

This was a big game today, in the sixth round of the Bruadar Scottish Men's Curling Championship. Both Tom Brewster and Warwick Smith were on 4-1 win-loss records and it was to be Team Brewster who would improve that this afternoon. You can find all the linescores, results and standings here.

In other games, Peter Loudon's side took David Murdoch's team to the last stone, the Lockerbie skip having a straightforward hit for the game. Murdoch and Brewster head the table with five wins. Three rounds remain. In the men's it will be the top four teams which will contest the playoffs (in contrast to the women where it is the top three).

Above: Tom Brewster and Warwick Smith

Tom Brewster

Warwick Smith and Craig Wilson

Pics by Bob.

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