February 18, 2009

Focus on seconds

I've decided to carry on the serious tone in last night's blog. We are all concerned with the consequences of the recession and looking to save the pennies. So today's blog is all about 'seconds'. Not 'first quality' today. All seconds. Is there anyone out there who still remembers when the player who delivered the third and fourth stones for the team was called the 'silly second'? The main qualities of that player was the ability to make takeouts, keep his or her mouth shut, and be able to count, this latter attribute being useful for keeping the scorecard up to date.

So, as a former member of the Front End Union myself, I give you.... the seconds at Perth!

Steven Mitchell is second player for the Iain Watt team, and Scottish Junior Champ too.

Richard Woods is a stalwart of Pete Loudon's side.

Lorna Vevers is second for the Kelly Wood team, and a member of the GB Olympic squad, see here. Horses and quad bikes are passions outwith curling.

Scott Macleod, here trying his best for a Wallace and Gromit impersonation, is second for Glen Muirhead.

Jennifer Priestley is usually lead for the Gillian Howard team. But today, with 3rd player Alison Kinghorn sidelined with illness, the team had to play with three. So Jen was having to work hard as the single sweeper! In vain as it turned out, as the team went down to Kelly Wood.

Ross Paterson is number two for Hammy.

Eyes of the Day award goes to Ron Brewster, from the Tom Brewster side.

Sharon Stewart delivering here - this season she's second stones for Gail Munro. Seen here with 3rd Lyndsay Wilson.

Robbie Stevenson from the Ross McLeary team. He's the one with the perspiration problem - see yesterday's blog! Wearing his sweat resistant outfit today.

Always popular on the blog, here's Team Claire Hamilton's second Rhiann 'I've got a friend to lean on' Macleod. Caitlin Barr is the friend in this case.

Well kent television commentator - amongst many other talents - David Smith from the Warwick Smith side.

Rachael Simms is second with the Eve Muirhead team. She's my favourite colour on the ice.

Everyone knows Pete Smith from Team Murdoch.

Lynn Cameron is second for Mairi Milne. There's been a huge amount of interest (well, one comment) since we highlighted the fact last night that she can pass her body through a wire coathanger, see here.

David Reid from Alan Smith's team.

Karen Strang is in the programme as lead in the Judith McFarlane team, but today certainly she was playing second stones.

Barbara McFarlane, second for Sarah Reid whose team this week is being skipped by third player Kerry Barr as Sarah is in China at WUG where the curling begins tomorrow.

And today's caption competition. This is Billy Johnston from Colin Hamilton's side.

Find all the serious stuff here and here.

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Caption competition:

"I really should have wiped that pasta sauce from lunch off my face before I came back on the ice..."