February 20, 2009

Murdoch tops the standings

Lee McCleary had the beating of the Murdoch team at the Bruadar Scottish Championship Finals today, but his attempted double with last stone was well off target. McCleary was one down without at the last, and could have elected to draw for a single for the extra. When the big shot to win the game did not come off, Murdoch was alone at the top of the standings.

Warwick Smith's side beat Hammy McMillan at the last stone of their game, to keep themselves in contention on five wins, the same count now as Glen Muirhead's team. Tom Brewster's team could have been sharing top spot with Murdoch, but his last draw in the extra end of his game against Pete Loudon was just long, and he stays on six wins. That victory brought the Loudon team to five wins too.

So, the ninth games in the round robin will see Loudon v McCleary, and Muirhead v Warwick Smith, the results decisive in determining who will be in the last four. McMillan (on four wins) plays Colin Hamilton.

See all the results, stats and linescores here.

Top: David Murdoch. Above: Team Murdoch work out what to do against McCleary.

Lee McCleary

Pics by Bob.

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