February 19, 2009

More men on Thursday

Christine was on blog duty tonight for the seventh round of the Bruadar Scottish Men's Curling Championship. She writes, "David Murdoch met Warwick Smith in round seven, and this turned into quite a surprising game. Before it started the teams on paper were evenly matched. But ice is different, and so it proved in this one! With last stone Murdoch took two in the first and dominated the game from there, Smith was forced to take one in the second, Murdoch got another two in the third. And that set the pattern for the game, the Murdoch four were the strongest team making all the shots. It was over in just five ends, Murdoch lay three, Smith failed with his last stone, he conceded.

Peter Loudon against Alan Smith was over in eight ends. A steal of three in the fifth gave Loudon a lead of three shots, he held on to that, killing the game with three in the eighth for a final score of 7-2.

Hammy McMillan got another win on his card against Iain Watt, 6-4.

And Tom Brewster had a tight game all the way against Glen Muirhead. Neither team could get the advantage, and they went in to final end tied at four all. Muirhead didn't bury his last stone draw. Brewster had a hit, he didn't need to stick, he got one shot for the game 5-4.

Tom Brewster and David Murdoch are now both on 6 wins, Warwick Smith, Glen Muirhead, Peter Loudon and Hammy McMillan all on 4 wins. Two more rounds to play. Find all the linescores and stats here."


Anonymous said...

Muirhead is on 4 wins too, I think

Bob Cowan said...

You think absolutely correctly. Post amended, thank you.