February 08, 2009

Junior semifinals

The semifinals of the Scottish Junior Championships took place at Perth this morning. In the girls' event Hannah Fleming, Becca Kesley, Alice Spence and Abi Brown lined up against Claire Hamilton, Lauren Gray, Rhiann Macleod and Caitlin Barr. In a close, well fought game, Hannah's team counted two at the ninth to be two up coming home, and ran the Hamilton team out of stones for their win and a place in the final against Eve Muirhead.

In the junior men's semi, it was Graeme Black, Ally Fraser, Steven Mitchell and Thomas Sloan against Blair Fraser, skipping the Kerr Drummond team. Kerr was playing third stones, Thomas Pendreigh second and James Dunn was lead. When Blair and his team stole a two at the sixth for a 5-1 lead, it should have been all over. Graeme and his team didn't think so. They took a single at the seventh and then stole three singles in a row to set up an extra end.

It came down to the last stone. Blair had a draw to the eight foot, but was too heavy. It would be the Graeme Black team which would contest the final agaist Jamie Dick.

Linescores and some comments on the game (that's new) here.

Top: The Murray Trophy and other trophies on show as play gets underway.

Becca Kesley calls line for her skip, as Claire Hamilton and Lauren Gray watch behind.

This was the shot that almost cost Team Black the game, as the red stone just finished a couple of sweeps short.

Graeme Black and Blair Fraser

Caption competition: "Now, what do you think we should play?".... says coach Marion.

Pics for Bob.

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