February 17, 2009

More Tuesday at Perth

Second round of the Bruadar Scottish Men's Finals. Colin Campbell and Tom Brewster. You can find all the results, standings and linescores here. Brewster beat McMillan this afternoon.

Pete Loudon

Warwick Smith. Don't panic, concerned wellwishers are taking a collection to buy him some new blades for his razor.

Chief ice tech Paul Martin begins another chapter of his biography. He's looking for a title. Any suggestions? "Life in the freezer." "Travels with my nipper." "Sanding Stones for Beginners."

David Murdoch. Bit of an 'oops' today as they gave up a point to Glen Muirhead's juniors.

The Editor brought his halo with him today. (Photo courtesy of Liz Paul)

Richard Woods and Logan Gray

Lee McCleary

Steven Mitchell and Iain Watt

It's a problem with perspiration. When he sweats his tattoo shows through his shirt. Who said the men's teams weren't colourful?

Hammy McMillan

Gerry CurlingZone Geurts. He's bashing his stats volunteers into shape. By the end of the week they might have the hang of it! See the stats here. Brought to us this week with support from British Curling.

Alan Smith and Colin Hamilton. Colin has donated his Easyjet uniform to a charity shop!

And talking of Seniors, here's newly crowned Scottish Senior Champion Anne Malcolm on the timeclocks!

Pics by Bob except where indicated.

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The halo is about the right size :-))