December 17, 2008

Support Jim Taylor TODAY

Well, for wheelchair curler Jim Taylor (above at the National Pairs Championship), the big day has finally come round. Today, December 17, Jim will attempt to push a ton of granite over a mile of ice to support the Hearts and Heroes Challenge, run by the Sportsman's Charity, PoppyScotland, and Hearts and Balls (Scotland's rugby charity for disabled players).

It is thirty years since a rugby injury put Jim into a wheelchair. He says, "Please support to help others aspire to great achievements despite their disability." You can too. Jim has a page where you can donate safely online. Last time I looked he was nearing his target. Please help him do so here.

I hear too that Braehead has donated the ice for Jim's challenge free of charge. Way to go. Good luck Jim, and power to your arm this evening!

Other wheelchair curling news sees the announcement of Scotland's team which will take part in the World Wheelchair Curling Championship in Vancouver, BC, February 21-28, 2009.

Michael McCreadie will be skip. With him will be his Braehead Club colleagues Aileen Neilson and Tom Killin. Jim Sellar of the Hamilton based South Lanarkshire Club and his (club) teammate Rosemary Lenton make up the curling quintet. Rosemary also curls for the Lockerbie Wheelchair Club.

Tom Pendreigh is the team coach, and has worked with the athletes at home and abroad. He is confident this team will compete effectively. Pendreigh says, “It is going to be tough for us with not just long term rivals like Norway and Canada, but new challengers like South Korea. The squad has shown huge commitment, and the Scottish wheelchair curlers will contest every end with vigour and skill.”

Scottish Wheelchair Curling Association Chairman Arthur Bell wishes the squad all success. He says, “I’ve curled with Jim and Rosemary for some years at club level, and know just how talented they are. Two years ago I had the privilege of curling under Michael’s leadership, and was stunned by his drive and skills. If we are going to pick up the World Championship it needs a team with something very special, and we all hope these five are the ones to do it."

The World Wheelchair Championship will be held in the new venue that is being constructed for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2010, the Vancouver Olympic Centre. Here's a video which shows how construction is progressing!

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Anonymous said...

Jim Taylor completed his granite challenge at Braehead tonight. In 1 hour and 15 minutes he pushed 128 stones - 52 stones to a tonne, the equivalent distance of a mile on ice. John Beattie was there for the duration and interview/details on his Sports Weekly will have key features. Jim was fantstically assisted on ice with 'Taylor's Tottie' - 6 female curler friends with Margaret Cathcart and Judy MacKenzie completing the stats. Cheered on by an enthusiastic well wishing crowd it was a great night. Many thanks to all who generously supported the charity challenge, Bruce Harley for free Braehead ice and indeed Alan and Chris for a quality fast surface.
Jim is overwhelmed with all the support shown. Many thanks to you Bob for donation and support via promotion on your blog.