December 06, 2008

European Curling Championships 2008: Scotland men v Ger

8 a.m. in Ornskoldsvik, it's dark, the pavements are frozen snow and slush but inside the Swedbank Arena the lights are on, the temperature is comfortable and David Murdoch, Ewan MacDonald, Pete Smith and Euan Byers line up to take on Germany in their first game at Le Gruyere European Curling Championships 2008.

The first half of this game was nip and tuck, neither team were taking any chances, after five the score was two all. Murdoch had a double take out to blank the sixth holding on to last stone. The tactic didn't work, in a very busy head David couldn't get in to score two in the seventh and had to settle for one.

It was downhill from there, Murdoch missed with his first stone in the eighth, German skip Andy Kapp was left with a hit for a two score. In the ninth Murdoch's last stone held wide, Germany stole one. There was no way the Germans were going to let Scotland get two to tie the game, Germany scored another shot to win the game 6/3.

This afternoon team Murdoch take on Spain who lost to Denmark this morning 13/1.

Find all the results here.

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