December 09, 2008

ECC2008: Report 12 Sco women v Italy

First the good news, the sun came up over Ornskoldsvik this morning, it's a beautiful day. Now the bad news. Scotland women against Italy in game six of the Le Gruyere European Curling Championships.

What can I say? It was a game of two halves, Scotland stole four shots over ends three four and five for a four shot lead. Game over? Don't you believe it. A three to Italy in the sixth cut the lead to one shot. However Scotland did go into the final end with a two shot lead but without the last stone.

Poor shotmaking meant Italy lay three shots when Kelly Wood came to play her last stone, she opted for a freeze, in truth there was no other option, her stone didn't quite freeze, there was enough room for Diana Gaspari of Italy to remove the Scottish stone and lie four, game over 9/7 to Italy.

Sweden have five wins, Germany, Italy and Switzerland four, Russia, Scotland and Denmark are on three wins.

Anette Norberg IS human, she lost 13/4 in six ends to Germany.


McWomble said...

Hi Christine

I know it's the *Scottish* Curler blog but some of us subscribe from south of the border so how about a few morsels on the English Ladies too?
I suppose we'll be guaranteed a generous account in Kelly's last RR match.

Bob Cowan said...

It would be unfair of us to expect Christine to watch other games. You want England. Should she also be reporting on Ireland, or the games in the B Division? I am just grateful she is there and is able to follow the Scottish games for us, which is her priority.

The blog supports the Scottish Curler magazine and is a magazine primarily for curling and curlers in Scotland, although as you know it does highlight what happens in other parts of the world, including England.

Your cynical remarks here are not appreciated. Take them to your Forum.

I say, well done Christine on your reporting, and thank you.

Bob Cowan
Scottish Curler editor

McWomble said...

It wasn't intended as a criticism Christine - just a recognition of existence in the final bye-line would have been sufficient. (eg Eng beat X or Eng lost heavily to Y)

Sorry Bob, no need to take umbrage, not being cynical one iota. No I wouldn't expect B-hall coverage, just the merest recognition that there a team in the same ice-hall. (After all it doesn't happen very often)

Christine, thank-you for all the good work so far - much appreciated.