December 21, 2008

Scottish Mixed Doubles Championship

It was a great day at Murrayfield today, culminating in Keith MacLennan and Vicky Sloan winning the Scottish Mixed Doubles title. That's RCCC President Matt Murdoch handing over the trophy, a new one presented by Colin Hamilton for this competition.

The winning pair were also the first winners to receive the RCCC medals, new this season for our major championships.

Keith on his way.

Great to see Vicky competing again! She and Keith will now represent Scotland at the World Mixed Doubles Championship in Cortina, April 18-26. They both have worn the saltire before, Keith at the World Junior Championship in 2003, and Vicky in 2003 and 2005.

Father and daughter combination David and Tasha Aitken contested the final. You can find all the linescores here. Also in the pic are the appreciative crowd and the chief umpire. (Actually a fair number did watch the final game from the comfort of the bar, and I'm sure, like me, enjoyed what they saw.)

This is one for the family album.

Bit of effort required on this one!

"Vicky, I wonder if the Editor appreciates the trouble we've gone to to get colour co-ordinated for this. We even match the stones!"

Alan Smith went out in the semi to the winners.

Who was Alan's partner? Yes, Sabina Kraupp! (Actually no, see below)

Yes, it was Karen Strang - they are both Scottish Mixed champions, of course. Actually, let's call this photo: 'Caption competition 1'.

David and Tasha's opposition in the semifinal had been this fearsome competitor, Lauren Gray...

and her 'laid back' brother Logan.

Caption competition 2

Caption competition 3

Pics by Bob.

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Anonymous said...

Caption 1 - Smithers is saying "For the last time I'm NOT wearing a furry jacket"
Caption 2 - Gray and overcast
Caption 3 - Oh I shouldn't have eaten ALL that curry