December 05, 2008

December's Scottish Curler magazine

Here it is, December's Scottish Curler magazine, now on its way to subscribers. I hope you will enjoy it when it drops through your letterbox!

Interestingly - or spookily - having written in my editorial about the trials and tribulations of the unheralded heroes of our sport, event organisers, what should arrive in my email this week but a photo of an organising committee. It's a pic of those involved in organising January's Glynhill Ladies International. Let's salute this intrepid band tonight!

Back L-R: Ian Mackin, Ranald Findlay, Leslie Ingram-Brown, Jimmy Letton, Andrew Cousar. Middle: Margaret Withycombe, Anne Airey, Christine Stewart. Front: Margaret Cameron, Kirsty Letton, Judith MacFarlane, Morven Findlay. Also on the committee but not present at the photoshoot: Anne MacDougall and Margaret Cathcart. Pic by Hugh Stewart.

The draw for this WCT-e event is now online on the event website here, with pics of the teams taking part.


Anonymous said...

that front cover is horendous!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yes just like your spelling !!