December 10, 2008

ECC2008: Report 17 Sco men v Ireland

There's not a lot to write about this game, the last round robin game. Ireland are heading for the B league whatever the outcome, Scotland are safe in the top four whatever the outcome.

So a short report, Scotland got five in end one, Ireland one in end two, Scotland five in end three. I'm sure you've got the picture. It was all over in six ends, final score 13/2.

Ireland will be in the B league for the 2009 Championships in Aberdeen. Scotland finished in third spot in the league, Germany is top, Norway second and Switzerland fourth. Germany play Norway, the winner goes to the final, Scotland play Switzerland, the winner to play the loser of the one/two game for the second final spot. Got that?

The rankings finished like this, Germany, Norway, Scotland, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Ireland, Spain. Sweden will be challenged by the B league winner for a place at the World Championship.

All the results can be found here.

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